About Us

Our mission. How Esta.Support was born


Our life is an endless journey

Our beginning

The founding members of Esta Support share a great passion for travelling. For years, they have travelled and continue to do so for both business and pleasure and have often encountered a lack of information or, even worse, outdated information about the countries they were about to visit. Hence the desire to offer their experience and knowledge to be of service to travellers from all over the world.

Our first steps

Thus, in January 2020 in Miami in the United States of America, the Tourist Help LLC was founded, a private company that aims to provide information and assistance to travellers. Despite having to take its first steps during the life-changing historic period of the pandemic we are all experiencing, our firm was able to guarantee, during its first 24 months, various types of assistance to about 30,000 travellers.


Who We Are


Is a visionary and would like to simplify the life of travellers by relieving them of the sometimes cumbersome red tape. Entry visas, vaccinations, various statements. There are many things to check these days to figure out whether or not you are eligible to enter and visit a country, and the United States is no exception.


Is a globetrotter for work. His business trips lead him to continually visit at least three major continents. He knows what it means to apply for a paper visa or where you can avoid it by taking advantage of a visa waiver program. And what about insurance and the precautions to be taken before departure? All of this takes time and knowledge and doesn't always want to spend a little while before leaving.

Our mission

At Esta Support we believe that the traveller, whether touring for business or pleasure, should focus on what they want to visit and not on other trivial matters. This is where the Esta Support team comes into play, offering travel consultants and immigration experts based in the United States, Europe and Asia to provide round the clock assistance and who are in the same time zone as the traveller seeking information and support