Once you have completed your request for ESTA authorization, you may be wondering how you will receive the approved ESTA.

The ESTA authorization issued by the United States Immigration Department is a PDF document that our immigration experts will send to you in the following ways, depending on the type of Esta.Support service you have chosen: 

  • If you have subscribed to a Standard service, you will receive the Esta authorization attached to an email.
  • If you have chosen a Priority or First class service, you will receive the approved ESTA either as an attachment to an email or via a link that we will send you with a text message 

As some email providers send messages with attachments or links to the spam folder,  you need to check your inbox carefully. To get a faster service and to be sure that you always have your ESTA at hand, we recommend that you use our Priority or First Class services 

Have you realised that the time before leaving for the United States is too near and you think you will not get the Esta in time? 

Don’t worry, Esta.Support specialises in handling urgent Esta applications. Thanks to our support, we can ensure that your application is forwarded correctly. In this way, we will speed up the approval times. 

If you are particularly pressed for time, we have reserved the First Class plan for you. This is a priority service, thanks to which we will be able to process your application in 30 minutes. In addition, you will receive e-mail and SMS notifications on the progress of your application. For any query, you can contact our customer support through your preferred channel: chat, e-mail, whatsapp and telephone. 

Esta.Support was created to help travellers obtain the Esta authorization for entry to the United States. 99% of the requests we process are approved. Why do we have such high figures? Because we check every data entered and we will contact you in case of inconsistencies.

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