Esta authorization guarantee entry to the United States

Does the Esta authorization guarantee entry to the United States?

Esta authorization guarantee entry to the United States? Unfortunately, the US ESTA, as well as any other type of valid visa does not guarantee entry to the United States, as only a customs agent will be able to decide whether you can enter the land of opportunities

You may be wondering then, what the point of applying for an ESTA authorization for the United States if it does not guarantee you access to the United States is,. Let’s try to give you some information to avoid misunderstandings

The ESTA is a document that allows you to travel to the United States but entry into the United States is authorised by the US Department of Homeland Security / Customs and Border Protection whose recognized acronym is DHS-CBP.

DHS-CBP is therefore the customs entity responsible for the protection of the American borders which also provides for the issuance of official US ESTA authorizations.

Once disembarked at the first airport in the United States, all travellers must have their documents checked by a CBP agent who, by checking the department’s database, will decide whether to allow you entry into the United States.

The procedure also applies to travellers in transit on American territory, even if the final destination is outside the USA.

The ESTA was created with the aim of streamlining the various control procedures in a country where hundreds millions of of people go every year for various reasons. A system was needed which could carry out a quick preliminary-analysis and avoid the need for nterviews and checks at the embassies. in order to issue authorisation to enter the USA.

The decision to let a traveller in or not depends on the CBP-DHS agents, as they can and should examine the database by matching the data with the questions and feelings he has when he checks the documents.

The reasons why a US customs agent will not authorise a traveller to enter the United States could be both objective, that is, deriving from actual problems encountered, and subjective, arising from suspicions that the agent may have upon asking the questions and examining the documentation and data held by American databases

Below we give you some examples of objective reasons that can compromise your entry to the United States

  • On a previous trip, you stayed longer than the 90 days allowed for the ESTA authorisation
  • You didn’t pay speeding tickets
  • You were found guilty of administrative (unpaid fines) or criminal offenses (theft, rape, murder, injury, fraud)

Some examples instead of subjective motivations:

  • You are suspected of unauthorised immigration, that is, you are at risk of staying longer than the 90 days allowed for the ESTA authorization
  • You are suspected of having links to organized crime or terrorism
  • You are suspected of not having livelihood capacity while in the United States so it is assumed that you will not try to find a job in the United States

It may actually be frustrating not being able to enter after enduring long lines for check-in, document checking, travel fatigue, so we ask you to be honest when you enter the eligibility requirements of the E sta

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