How long to get Esta authorization

How long does it take to get an Esta authorization for the United States

Are you ready for departure? To travel to the United States it is necessary to obtain Esta authorisation.

As a rule, 80% of the requests we submit to the Immigration Department are approved within 2 hours. However, in some cases, the application may take up to 72 hours to be approved.

To speed up the procedure, we recommend that you obtain in advance all the documents and information necessary to fill in the Esta application form.

In the event of multiple requests, we recommend that you have the passports, contact details and emails of each traveller available.

The time between the application and the approval of the Esta form may vary and depends on the time of approval of the application by the US Department of Immigration.

What we can do is help you speed up your application processing time. If your Esta request is urgent, we have reserved a high priority service for you. 99% of the requests we have forwarded so far, even the most urgent, have been approved.

Application processing times change based on the plan you choose.

Here they are:

  • Standard Service: your Esta request will be processed within 24 hours
  • Premium service: an operator will start to process your application within 6 hours
  • First Class Service: provides a very urgent processing within 30 minutes

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