request Esta for another person

Is it possible to request an Esta for another person?

When organising a trip to the United States, there are many things to plan. It is necessary to ensure proper preparation of all documents, not only for yourself, but also for your travel companions

Through Esta Support you can also make an Esta request on behalf of a family member, friend or colleague without any problem.

The important procedure is to obtain all the necessary information about your travel companions so that you will not have problems filling in the application. This article indicates the types of information and documents required for the form, in order to help you obtain them in advance.

One of the most common cases of an Esta request for a third person is in the case of a minor. We wish to remind you that all passengers bound for the United States, even infants, need to have an Esta authorization. A minor cannot request the ESTA independently, but it must be a parent or a delegated adult to do it on their behalf.

What information do I need to request the ESTA for my travel companions?

To proceed with the compilation of the Esta request on behalf of another person, you must have a copy of their passport and identity card.

Before you start filling in the form, make sure you know all the required information about your partner, so that you are ready to answer exactly and truthfully.

What types of questions will you find in an Esta application form?

  • Travel information to the United States: date of arrival, first place of stay, an emergency contact (optional)
  • Information on the traveller: passport number, information on their employment status and on the employer
  • Security questions relating to any criminal convictions

You have to be very careful in filling in the application. Even a minimal inconsistency (for example in the date of birth), or a spelling mistake, is enough to expose the application to the risk of rejection.

For this reason, at Esta Support, we carefully check your application before submitting it, so you won’t have any complications and won’t waste more time than is necessary. Through our support service and customer assistance, we guarantee that 99% of the requests made are successful

How to fill in the Esta for another person

Each Esta application contains the applicant’s data. It is necessary to enter the contact details of the applicant in order to receive notifications and documents

Since each request can have a different outcome, they need to be applied and paid for individually, so in the case of multiple requests, we recommend that you store the payment card on the Stripe checkout. The Stripe payment method is the safest way in the world to be able to pay quickly without any problem and with maximum safety

Now that you have all the necessary information, you just have to fill in the esta form online for your travel companions