pay before get an Esta

Why do I have to pay before I get an Esta?

Why do I have to pay to get an Esta? Esta.Support grants you a correct submission of the Esta application and helps you correct any errors before submitting. This is the reason why 99% of the Esta requests we process are successful

The United States Immigration Department establishes that the ESTA authorization has a cost regardless of the outcome of the request. They require payment when making an Esta application and do not issue refunds.

Our company, as a Travel Authorization Agency, has the ability to pay on behalf of the applicant; therefore, we need to ensure that the payment is guaranteed. This is the reason why we require payment when submitting the application.

Esta.Support, thanks to the experience of its immigration experts and the direct access to sources of privileged information, bears the cost of any rejected request by refunding the applicant 100%. That’s why we ask you to pay before get an Esta

Our requests, once submitted, have a 99% approval rate and we offer a money-back guarantee formula

We care about our customers and our reputation. Our service is designed to offer you security in terms of the amount due to obtain the Esta authorization. You will never need to open a dispute with payment systems.

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